Sunday, 24 April 2011

Creating a Sewing Room Part 6

Happy Easter Everyone!

Well the sewing room has been on a bit of a hold until i get the wood for the sewing table. But had a bit of a inspiration, there was a hook on my wall that used to house a picture, I needed somewhere to put odd bits of paper and notes!

So to tie in with the fabric in the room, i covered a cork board with a bit of the same fabric to create a functional but fun pin board.

As the original photos were done when it was dark outside, i thought i would take some more, to see the difference

It is so much brighter and airy in there that i really can't wait to get in!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Creating a Sewing Room Part 5

I wanted something simple at the window because it will also be a spare room, and its a very sunny room, i wanted it to be something that would block a bit of light out but not totally!

Next are the lovely cushions that will sit on my new sofabed, made with a remanant of the blind fabric

Close up
And placed next to the feature wall

Creating a Sewing Room Part 4

Well wallpapering time!! I was absolutely astounded to find this beautiful wallpaper at Homebase so perfect with its Silver Birch Trees.

Thank you to my husband for doing it, i brought 1 roll so there was not much room for error as you can see from the last photo which 1/2 a strip and 3 bits left over!

Next is the Roman Blind and cushions

Creating a Sewing Room Part 3

Ok after lots of coats of paint 4 to be exact! and 2 coats on the ceiling the room was looking so much nicer and brighter!

Next was to hang the wallpaper!

Creating a Sewing Room Part 2

Ok First things first was to get rid of the mint green walls!

This was the room after 1 coat of paint, looking so much better already!

I won't bore you with the 2nd and 3rd coats of paint! Next installment is after 4 coats of white paint and the ceiling having 2 coats of paint!

Creating a Sewing Room Part 1

I have been very quiet on here, been so busy with orders that i can not believe its nearly the end of April already!

I have been been keeping people up to date with the progress of my sewing room on Facebook, but thought i would do a progress on here.

So here goes, this is what the room looked like before i started.
Not very inspiring was it?