Thursday, 21 April 2011

Creating a Sewing Room Part 5

I wanted something simple at the window because it will also be a spare room, and its a very sunny room, i wanted it to be something that would block a bit of light out but not totally!

Next are the lovely cushions that will sit on my new sofabed, made with a remanant of the blind fabric

Close up
And placed next to the feature wall


  1. I absolutely love how this is coming together. I am very jealous that you have a room you can use. I have a table in the living room and we had to get rid of one of the sofas to get that it! We now can't have guests!
    Anna @light_boat

  2. Thank you

    I am very lucky to have a space that i can call my own, at the moment it is all over the place, living room, bedroom, cupboards. Will be glad to have it in one place!