Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Year in Silver Birch Crafts - 2011 - Part 2

Apologies for not posting this yesterday, having a bad week! But thank you for everyone who read my last post. Hope I didn't bore you :)

I entered March with lots of enthusiasm the Yellow Spotty Bags were still selling well. A friend of mine asked if I would be able to create a recorder bag for his Daughters Recorder and wanted it personalised. A week or so later I created just a small Recorder Bag so that she was able to take her Recorder to school and not loose it!!

March continued with a great pace with new additions to the Yellow Spotty Range including these great little Party Bags which not only are great for party's but for just putting little tiny special things in! I speak to a lot of people on twitter who are huge fans of my Spotty Range, and I knew one lovely lady was looking for party bags for her little ones birthday party. So what better way to help a great friend, who owns/designs and runs with her husband Piddley Pix, but also to help little me out with a review of my Spotty Party Bags! So off they went and I was so happy to receive a fantastic Review from Kev and Kelly. So with March ending and my Daughters 11th Birthday approaching very quickly, I created the lovely and tactile Cushion Covers. On the eve of my daughters birthday up went her Personalised Birthday Bunting and she had a great day!

Now April is always a funny month for me but 2011 saw me reach the grand old age of 35 (eeeeeek) I never thought for one minute that at 35 I would be running my own business let alone loving every single minute of it and feeling such a warmth from all the fantastic Reviews that I receive, makes every sleepless night (dreaming up new ideas) so worthwhile! So sales were going really well on the Yellow Spotty Bag side, and I was developing more and more of my Unique Bags, was asked on twitter by a friend for a custom Messenger Bag! well I couldn't say no!! The lady choose the fantastic Robert Kaufman Playday Spring fabric and when I sent her pictures of this Unique Messenger Bag she was thrilled with it! I also added more Facecloth's to the personalised range, including a very lovely Yellow Spotty Facecloth. Since the original Yellow Spotty facecloth I have added a pink and blue version. I also added another item to the Yellow Spotty Range Spotty Bunting!

May arrived with a steady flow of sales through out the month, The Yellow Spotty Bags were still going well and with the phone sleeves they were flying out the door, not just on my website but at the Fair I attended regularly over in Tring, Hertfordshire. I also sold one of my first Embroidered Mini Cushions which was amazing! The lady also came back for a 2nd a few weeks later! May was a quiet month for creating new items because I was really busy with the Yellow Spotty Bags and adding to my current ranges.

Hope you are enjoying reading my year of Silver Birch Crafts 2011, will be back in a couple of days with part 3, June - August, which shows you that because of the success of the first 6 months of the year, I was able to push and further my ranges as well as adding new ones!



  1. Wow, seems like 2011 was going really well, good to see how other people do it, looking forward to Part 3!