Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Year in Silver Birch Crafts Life - 2011

One of my New Years Goals this year is to blog more! So I thought a great way to start is to tell you what has happened with Silver Birch Crafts over the past year.

January to March

Hopefully over the next few days I will be covering the year but Part 1 is January to March

So January arrived, very quickly, in itself it is not usually a very busy month business wise, but for Silver Birch Crafts started off the year with such a boost it was a shock! With 24 Sales in total, mostly because of the Yellow Spotty Bags which I had launched at the end of October. The very First Yellow Spotty Bag was done as a custom order for a very good friend of mine called Dannie who has a fantastic range of crocheted goodies over at Booties By Dannie who if it was not for Dannie I would never have made the bag let alone listed it on my website. Also in January I emailed a lovely lady called Louise who owns and runs Baby Signing Mummy to ask if she would review my Yellow Spotty Bag! She agreed and on the 13th January did this fantastic review of my Yellow Spotty Bag. So January ended up being a really fantastic month!

February arrived and with it the snow! The Yellow Spotty Bag sales continued and the thought was to widen the range. So after being emailed by a gentleman about a personalised spotty bag. I thought fantastic this will be a great addition and created a bag especially for "Zaki". I also designed and created the Yellow Spotty Gym Bag which is great for small things, I already had the range of Gym Bags and added this to it. By now I was making Spotty Bags by the batch, now when I say batch it doesn't mean that I was making huge batch's but small ones and taking care to make sure each and every Spotty Bag are unique. When making the bags the flap and under the flap are the same colour sequences, but the back and both sides are as different as I can make them. When putting the spots on I tend to "chuck" them on and see where they land!

When March arrived I wanted to develop the some of my other ranges further, so I added the Make Up Bags and Brush Rolls to my Website, these are a lovely little addition which I am hoping to develop further in 2012. The sales of Yellow Spotty Bag continued even though I thought they would slow down. During March I added the Toy Bag to the Yellow Spotty Range.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the first part of A Year In Silver Birch Crafts Life 2011 I will be covering April - June tomorrow!



  1. Welcome to the world of blogging, you will soon become addicted! As the mother of 2 little people under the age of 5, I can see how your Yellow Spotty Bags have taken off!
    Look forward to the next instalment.

  2. Oh I didn't want it to stop, can't wait for the next instalment xx

  3. Great Post, Can't wait for part two!